What is Public Health Nutrition?

Public health nutrition is any organized measure to promote health, prevent disease and prolong the life of a population, according to the World Health Organization. The nature of Public Health Nutrition is to support groups and communities, rather than just the individual.  Some of the past leaders of our organization have this to say about why Public Health Nutrition is important:

Why we love Public Health Nutrition

“….we have the chance to serve the entire life span of the population. Not many professions are afforded the opportunities that public health RDs come across daily.

We should strive to respond affirmatively to every opportunity, to be a force for improving health in underserved communities across California. That way we will be sure that a nutrition expert - a Registered Dietitian - is always at the table.”

 - Maridet Castro Ibañez, R.D. (Past President)

“As public health employees, we are afforded the opportunity to do a lot of good for those we serve, in a variety of modalities. It's core to who we are as civil servants……..our currency lies in the service we provide, the lives we change, the love we foster through healthy eating....

CCLHDN helps me stay connected to that passion in so many ways: through leadership opportunities, networking, participating on committees, the annual conference, serving on the board, and pitching in on projects that go above and beyond my own little circles of responsibility and influence. I've moved away from talking to people about food and instead I talk to them about healthcare, connecting the dots to healthy eating where I can. Still, service is what keeps me going, and helping public health departments through CCLHDN is another way I get to practice nutrition.”

Steve Baldwin, MS, RD (Past President)